Frequently Asked Questions

- Those who has cardiac aid or insulin pump in the body
- Those who has weak skin
- Those who has severely allergic skin
- Pregnant women
- Those who has Pernicious Anemia
- Those who has not been completely cured after surgery
- Where there is a wound
- When you're drunk
- Please prohibit children from wearing.

Do not wash the product directly in the washing machine. Wipe the belt lightly with a wet towel. The product itself has sterilization and antibacterial function. If there is a smell or it is contaminated severely, please use it after hand-washing it lightly with a neutral detergent.

It is semi-permanent.
But if you wash it in the washing machine, the life span may decrease.

Those who bad Qi(It's the meaning of all vital activities and substances in the human body.) and blood sometimes have that feeling. If you wear the belt several times, you can feel the blocked Qi and blood stream become unclogged and the heat disppears.Then, you can enjoy a good heat of infrared radiation.

When the belt(protector) comes in contact with skin, heat begins to occur and the far-infrared rays penetrate into the body, which makes the skin may become red. After an hour from Removing the belt(protector) , the symptom will disappear. If your skin's weak, it can be festered, So it's recommended to wear light under garments during using.

If you has severe allergies or a lot of toxins in the body, you may feel itchiness. So, wear it once a day or once every two days for under an hour from when the product gets hot, Otherwise your skin may gets festered. Regarding that your health getting better, itchiness will disappear so you can wear it much frequently and long.

Sometimes Those who has Back pain wear it all day. But It's not recommended to wear it too long, because it makes the skin come out in a rash.
So wear the belt for about 30 minutes to an hour from the start of feeling the heat in the morning and evening.

1) If the product is wrongly worn, or loosely worn :
- Please wear the product tightly so that there is no space between the patterned face and the skin throughout the product.

2) If your body is too cold or your blood circulation is not good :
- Take 2 cups of warm water in a large cup and wear the product tightly.
- Spray some water on the belt surface that you wear with an atomizer.
- Wear it while having a foot bath.
- The most effective way to wear tightly and exercise until it gets hot.

3) If you wear the belt a long time and receive continuous far-infrared radiation :
- The people that wear the belt form a long time may not feel the pyrexia due to continuous exposure of far-infrared radiation.
- If you don’t feel the pyrexia too much, after waiting two days to a week, you can feel the heat again.

If you feel that the product is too hot, take off the product after 30 minutes of when the product gets hot, and wear it again the next day. (Twice a day is recommended).

It is because each person’s constitution and condition are different. The time people receive heat may be differ. People who have cold bodies may experience the heat later than others.

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